Бенджамін Франклін

Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever got the idea of how do you actually want to live? Just imagine your life if you realize your potential! Don’t you think these are just beautiful words?

There is one type of investment that is important to people but is not paid attention to. This is the cost of self-education and personal development. This investment helps you to become more developed and employer-attractive person. The richest people in the world, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other multimilliards spend more than 80% of their time for education and self-development. Even while catching fish they learn, keeping a fishing rod in hand and talking to the consultants. These people invest time and money in their development. Thus, they make the best investments – investments in themselves. And the investments in self give the greatest profit. The one who has achieved outstanding success knows exactly what is worth his attention, and what should not waste his or her precious time. There is a direct link between knowledge, skills, ability to apply them and personal well-being. Thanks to self-education, you become a professional in your business, doing your work more qualitatively and earn more money.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world entered a new, informational era. The energy from raw materials has been gradually declining into the background. Material resources for oneself are no longer of the highest value. The most expensive resource is an idea and technology, and that is why intellectual capitalization is especially relevant. It’s never been so easy to change your life. Today everyone can create self. All starts inside one’s head. We create life according to our thoughts by the power of reason. We can work harder & harder, even more, hunch at work without rest, but without radical changes in thinking, without special knowledge, we will remain at the same level. Only learning changes our minds, raises our lives to the new level. That is why the cost of self-education is the only cost that can increase your salary.

Start your training right now and you will get a magic kit with the right tools to fulfill your desires. Start living the way you really want and deserve!


Training Courses
• Computer Technology
Management and Marketing
• Economics and Finance
• Beauty and Health
• Art
• School Subjects, DPA, ZNO
 Prepearing for the School

Preparation for Examinations
• State examinations – DPA, ZNO
• Language tests – IELTS, TOEFL, TestDaF, DALF, DELE, HSK, KLPT, JLPT, and others
• Exams in higher education, introductory for subjects

Education abroad
• Private boarding schools for children from 3 to 18 years, secondary education
• Higher education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, postgraduate, doctoral
• Language courses for children and adults abroad
• Preparation of a package of documents for entry to higher educational establishments

Corporate Training
• Training, qualification improvement for company personnel

Online Tutoring
• Global Learning via massengers for students from all over the world


SINCE 2003

Since 2003, we have been training courses on subjects of real interest from employers in Ukraine and abroad, as well as for starting their own business – courses, training programmes, exams (exams, language tests TOEFL, IELTS, DALF and etc.), studying in foreign educational institutions and corporate training



• Linguistics
Language learning – English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Hebrew , Esperanto, Ukrainian, Russian for foreigners and others, learning with native speakers

• Computer Technology
Computer for beginners, informatics, computer programs, systems of automated designing – Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit for architects, Autodesk Revit for designers, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, graphic design programs – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, programmes on Autodesk 3ds MAX, Autodesk Maya, site development, web design, installation decor, computer processing of video in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid Liquid, Edius, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, programming languages – CSS, C ++, C #, HTML, Java Core, Java Script, PHP, create animations in Adobe Flash

• Management and Marketing
Management and development of business – branding, copywriting, personnel management, sales management, marketing, internet marketing, advertising, SEO, SMM, contextual advertising, desk management in organizations, logistics, realtor, tourism

• Economics and Finance
Economics, finance, accounting courses (basic, professional), national accounting standards, accounting of foreign economic activity, taxation, accounting of small enterprises, trader, financial analysis, computer programs for accounting – 1С-Enterprise, Best-Pro, Best Report, League, Parus-Bookkeeping, Parus Enterprise, Sonata, Medoc.

• Beauty and Health
Education in the field of beauty and health – massage; nail service – courses “Master of Manicure and Pedicure”, “Combined Manicure”, “Modern Designs”; Eyelash procedures – Courses “Ideal Classics”, “Volume Enhancement 2d-5d”.

• Arts
Oratory and acting, rhetoric, guitar playing, drawing, painting, embroidery, knitting, designing and modeling of clothes, cutting and sewing, director-operator of photography, photography

• Secondary school subjects, DPA, ZNO
Study of school subjects – Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature, foreign literature, history of Ukraine, world history, mathematics, biology, geography, physics, chemistry, computer science, Russian language, English language, German language, French language, Spanish language, preparation for examinations, ZNO, DPA

• Preparing for the School
Comprehensive preparation of the child to school – reading, writing, count, development of thinking, hands motility, educational games, creative tasks





• State examinations – DPA, ZNO
• Language tests – IELTS, TOEFL, TestDaF, DALF, DELE, HSK, KLPT, JLPT, and others
• Exams in higher education, introductory for subjects





• Private boarding schools for children from 3 to 18 years of age, secondary education
• Higher education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, postgraduate, doctoral programmes
• Language courses for children and adults abroad
• Preparation of a package of documents for entry to higher educational institutions




— А Ви не боїтеся, що навчите своїх співробітників, а вони підуть?
— Я боюся, що вони не навчаться і залишуться.

Conducting training programs for staff. Tip: the level of knowledge, skills and qualifications of employees determines the development of your company. We will help you in training employees! Today, we put the foundations for the future. Make an investment in intellectual capitalization – train your staff at the Prestige Ukrainian Science and Education Center!!




• Global Learning via massengers for students from all over the world

SkypeDo you live in other city or abroad?

Learn online via Skype!







Qualified Teachers. The training is carried out by experienced qualified professionals, scientists with academic degrees, linguists and native speakers of the languages
Individual approach. The curriculum program is individually changed to your needs
Comfortable schedule. You can choose your own schedule of classes from 9 am to 9 am on the day convenient for you. Thus, you will determine the time convenient for you and will have time to work and study! 😉
Location. You study in the training center, in the partner’s institution, in our regional office in your town or even at home! Available distance learning via Skype.
Flexible payment. Pay for studies dividing the cost of study by parts
Optimal load. Integrity, dynamics, and thematic academic load of the course program depends on the student’s desire, discipline and intellectual capabilities, plus permanent feedback from the teacher
Knowledge forever. The skills you will receive during training under the guidance of the best teachers of the Ukrainian Scientific and Educational Center Prestige will remain with you forever!



«When I get stuck, my brain is stuck too. It means that I have exhausted the potential of my thinking, and I just have to admit it to myself and not blame anyone in that. I should realize clearly that if I am stuck. I must study to brake free. And what to study? Study the results of work already done! This is what it is!»
Mikhail Dashkiev, co-founder of the Business Molodost project, businessperson, millionaire

The UKRAINIAN SCIENCE AND EDUCATION CENTER ‘PRESTIGE’ was found in 2003 in Cherkasy, Ukraine and since then has provided services in the field of private education: training courses, education abroad, corporate training. In 2014, the brunch educational center was found in Kiev. The company offers study programs in educational centers, educational institutions abroad, on the territory of the student, as well as remotely. Each student selects his or her own, convenient schedule for classes. The curriculum of a course is made by a teacher for a student in accordance with his goals in order to optimize the learning process and obtain the desired result. The teaching staff are the professionals and have a unique pedagogical experience of private education. They provide a high quality of education and an individual approach to each student. Teachers are experienced qualified professionals, scientists with academic degrees, linguists or speakers of foreign languages

Our Goal
Our goal is the development of the level and prestige of education, the promotion of continuous education and self-education, as a lifestyle

Our Customers
Our customers choose quality of education. They appreciate our special individual approach to everyone. They appreciate the opportunity to choose a convenient schedule of occupations that allows them to successfully combine study in the center and their main activities. Thus, people with a work schedule from 9.00 to 18.00 study after work in the evening or on weekends. Parents bring young children to school, study certain creative subjects or foreign languages. School pupils, who depend on the school curriculum, prepare for the examinations of the DPA, study foreign languages, select educational programs in foreign educational institutions at proper time. Adults increase their professional qualifications, find answers to specific professional questions. Those who wish to work or live abroad take language courses on the study of a foreign language, which provide the study of specialized vocabulary from any level of language proficiency. We focus and measure the effectiveness of our activities as a result, and do our best to ensure that our customers get the exact result they had been expecting before opening door to our offices

Knowledge Forever!

The quality of knowledge, received by our customers is confirmed by the results of the classes, many years of practice and followed by the grateful feedbacks. During the course, thousands of students have been able to improve their knowledge and skills, find their favorite work and realize themselves. Afterwords, domestic and foreign companies receive highly skilled employees from among our graduates. If you need the quality knowledge and skills that will stay with you for a lifetime, check out our activities more closely



The project was found in 2003 in Cherkasy, Ukraine
2014, office in Kyiv. в Києві.
1. Linguistics
2. Computer technologies
3. Management and marketing
4. Economics and finance
5. Beauty and health
6. Arts
7. School subjects, DPA, ZNO
8. Preparing for the School
150 specialized training courses with individual and standard curriculum
Selected 300 best teachers, including qualified professionals, specialists, and foreign language speakers to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need
More than 2600 students have been already trained
*97.3% students are satisfied with the training, give positive feedback and advise the center to friends and acquaintances

100% result of the training

*data based on the study of student feedbacks on education



• Let’s discuss your goals and features of the curriculum
• Determine the duration, schedule and intensity of training
• Choose the best conditions for your classes

We will pick up a place of conducting your classes: in an educational center, a specialized institution, in your town or remotely via Skype for instance. Choose the curriculum – standard or individual. An individual curriculum is hold by a teacher privately meeting your personal needs. For example, an accountant needs to know the import-export operations and work with a currency or a language course student is study the specialized grammar construction or professional vocabulary in details

Your learning efforts, multiplied by the experience of the prestigious teachers, will give you the knowledge and skills you need. Be addictive to your course, regularly attend classes, follow the recommendations of your trainers, be diligent, and complete all the tasks in a timely manner and you will succeed. We work for 100% of the result!

Get 100% Result!

You will receive a certificate from the Ukrainian Science and Education Center Prestige. The international certificate issued in Ukrainian and English, has an original design and made in the typography using the technology of color foil and plastic lamination




The Ukrainian Science and Education Center Prestige promotes the employment of graduates. Companies need skilled, continuously trained, self-educated workers, and improve their professional skills and personal qualities. We recommend these specialists from among the students




Only you know the answer when you are happy. Some people live on the principle that first you need to make money, and then go to study. This is fundamentally wrong! Because when you make money and go to study, there will already be so many fences in your head that you will spend the next half of your life demolishing these fences, and then building a new outlook. Therefore, the less you age, the more you have a chance to build a worldview that will bring you happiness




Насіння знання


Насіння Знання Дасть Добрі Сходи!

Sincerely, Ukrainian Science and Education Center Prestige